Gehlot government suspended the mayor of Jaipur Greater, Soumya Gurjar said – will go to court


  • State government suspends BJP mayor of Jaipur Greater
  • This happened for the first time in Rajasthan, the decision was taken at 11.30 pm
  • Two days ago, outside the mayor’s room, the commissioner had accused three BJP councilors of assault.
  • Mayor said Congress does not want to work, suspended without evidence, will go to court
  • BJP State President Satish Poonia also gave a strong reaction to the suspension of Soumya Gurjar

The state government has taken a shocking decision after the political ruckus that arose two days ago in the Greater Municipal Corporation of the capital Jaipur. Taking major action in the scuffle with the Jaipur Greater Municipal Commissioner, the Rajasthan government has immediately suspended Jaipur Greater Mayor Soumya Gurjar and three councilors. The Autonomous Government Department has issued orders in this regard late at night. After the Mayor was suspended, now politics in this matter has also intensified. BJP state president has also given his strong reaction in this matter. On the other hand, Soumya Gurjar, the BJP Mayor of Jaipur Greater, has accused the government of saying that the Congress government did not want them to work. That is why this is being done. I have been suspended without proof, I will go to court.

Rajasthan: New political ruckus between BJP-Congress, after the suspension of the mayor and councilors, the tussle again increased

this is the whole matter
Let us tell you that there was a heated argument in a meeting between Mayor Soumya Gurjar and Commissioner Yagyamitra Dev Singh on Friday. It is being told that during the meeting held on the issue of payment of door to door garbage collection companies, when there was an argument between him and the commissioner with the mayor, he started going out. Commissioner Singh alleges, during this time three BJP councilors misbehaved with him. There they beat him up. After this development, Commissioner Singh gave a complaint against 3 councilors to the police station, on the basis of which an FIR was registered.

The department accepted, the mayor was guilty
Here, an inquiry was also conducted by the government in this matter. After this, orders for the suspension of Mayor Soumya Gurjar, BJP Councilor Ajay Singh Chauhan, Paras Jain and Shankar Sharma were issued by the Autonomous Government Department late on Sunday night. In the suspension order issued by the department, it is written that in the presence of Mayor Soumya Gurjar, abusive language was used by the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Jaipur Greater. Government work was interrupted. In the presence of the Mayor, the government got the investigation done by the Regional Deputy Director of the Local Bodies Department for obstructing the work, beatings, pushing and using abusive language by the councillors. The investigating officer has held Soumya Gurjar fully responsible and guilty.


“The earth swallowed or the sky was eaten” by the murderer, when the police caught him, he was also shocked..

Mayor suspended till judicial inquiry is completed
The government has decided to conduct a judicial inquiry under section 39(3) of the Rajasthan Municipality Act 2009 against Soumya Gurjar. It is written in the orders that there is every possibility of the judicial inquiry being affected due to Soumya Gurjar being on the post of Mayor. In the orders, citing section 39 (6) of the Municipality Act 2009, the mayor has been ordered to be suspended. The mayor has also been suspended from the post of councilor of ward number 87.

This is how the Mayor-Commissioner was face to face
Actually, this dispute between BJP Mayor Soumya Gurjar and Jaipur Municipal Commissioner is not new, but recently Mayor Soumya Gurjar had made serious allegations like corruption on Commissioner Yagyamitra Dev Singh. Soumya Gurjar had said that the commissioner is filling his pockets with his wife. At the same time, after a heated argument between the two regarding the payment of garbage collection companies again in the meeting, the commissioner had filed a case against the mayor for speaking abusive language.

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