From June 16, only hallmarked gold will be sold. Find out what will happen to the gold kept in the house.

Hallmarking of gold jewelery will start from June 16. Earlier, in November 2019, the government introduced & lsquo; Hallmarking & rsquo; on gold jewelery and artefacts. Announced to be mandatory by January 15, 2021. However the jewelers demanded an extension of the deadline citing the cause of the epidemic which led to it being postponed to 1 June. The deadline was later extended by a fortnight to June 15. Gold hallmarking certifies the purity of gold and is currently not mandatory but voluntary.

The government has set up a committee to implement a new system of selling jewelery from June 15. This committee will address questions regarding hallmarking. The committee will be chaired by BIS director Pramod Tiwari. In addition, Nidhi Khare, Additional Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs, and a representative of the Jewelers Association, Trade and Hallmarking Unit will also be present.

The hallmarking will have the seal of the BIS, the information of the carat. The date of making the jewelery will also be the name of the jeweler. The BIS hallmarking system is linked to international standards.

Hallmarking will contain BIS seal information. The year the carat became a jewel, the jeweler’s name will also be noted. The BIS hallmarking system is in line with international standards. Hallmarking will also increase transparency in the gold market.

This new law will protect the interests of consumers. The customer cannot be deceived. There will be a third party guarantee on the purity of the gold.

Hallmark Jewelry will have a separate mark. If you look through a magnifying glass, you will see 5 marks on the jewelry. It will have BIS logo, gold purity number like 22k or 916, Hallmarking Center logo, year of marking and jeweler identification number.

What about gold in the house?

Gold hallmarking has no effect on the gold in the house. The customer will be able to sell old jewelry whenever he wants. Hallmarking is a necessary rule for Sony workers. They cannot sell gold without a hallmark.

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