Former Union Minister and AICC General Secretary Bhavar Jitendra Singh also came in support of Pilot, said – the promises made should be fulfilled.


  • Former Union Minister Bhanwar Jitendra Singh also broke the silence
  • Sachin Pilot kept his point on the issue
  • Said- The promise made by the party to the pilot should be fulfilled

The news of Jitin Prasad joining BJP has rekindled the issue of Sachin Pilot in Congress. Now big leaders of Congress have started expressing their views openly on this. Now AICC General Secretary and former Union Minister Bhanwar Jitendra Singh has also come in support of Pilot. While talking to the media, Bhanwar Jitendra Singh, who is considered to be the special of Rahul Gandhi’s team, has also said that whatever promises were made to the pilot, they should be fulfilled. Here, in view of the growing discontent in the Rajasthan Congress, it is being told that Ashok Gehlot may make some changes in his cabinet by the end of June or early next month to accommodate the pilot camp.

Bhavan Singh expressed concern
It is noteworthy that during the conversation with the media, concern has been expressed on the statement made by Pilot. Jitendra Singh has also expressed concern over the failure of the AICC committee to resolve Sachin Pilot’s political issues even after 10 months. Jitendra Singh has said that there is no talk of changing the CM in Rajasthan, when the central leadership of the party intervened to end the rebellion last year, it was over only then, but the topics that were brought to light during this Well, they need to be taken care of.

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Sachin’s stature may increase in AICC
Meanwhile, sources in the Congress headquarters in Delhi have indicated to TOI that Pilot’s role may soon be changed to AICC. The reason for this is that the party should get its benefit in the near future. Here Sachin Pilot himself has denied that he will join BJP. Sachin Pilot has said that he is in Congress and will remain in Congress.

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Sachin Pilot in touch with Priyanka Gandhi
According to TOI, information has also been received that Pilot has sought an appointment with the party high command. He is also in touch with Priyanka Gandhi over phone. It is also being told that Pilot had also planned to “show strength” with his supporters MLAs on June 11, the death anniversary of his father Rajesh Pilot, but now after his talk with the Congress leadership, he abandoned this plan. is.

Sachin returned after Priyanka Gandhi’s intervention
Let us tell you that after the rebellion of 19 Congress MLAs in July-August last year, differences between Pilot and Gehlot came to the fore. After this, after the intervention of Priyanka Gandhi, Sachin Pilot returned home. Meanwhile, general secretary in-charge K.C. The panel was constituted under the chairmanship of Venugopal, in which there was talk of finding a solution to the issues mentioned by Sachin Pilot, but Pilot had recently expressed his displeasure by giving a statement when the issue was not resolved even after 10 months.

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