Former Indian cricketer shares shocking experience of racism in England

England fast bowler Ollie Robinson has been suspended for a controversial tweet 8 years ago. Following his suspension, the issue of racism in cricket has come up again.

London, 9 June: England fast bowler Oli Robinson suspended for controversial tweet 8 years ago (Ollie Robinson Suspended) Has been done. The issue of racism in cricket has come up again after his suspension. Following Robinson, the old controversial posts of many veterans in the England team have gone viral. The England and Wales Cricket Board decided to investigate (ECB) Has taken. Now, after all this, the former cricketer of Team India has shared his experience of racism in England.

Former Team India wicket keeper Farooq Engineer (Farokh Engineer) They have now settled in England. He told The Indian Express that he experienced racism in his cricket career. “I first went to England in the 1960s to play county cricket. I was looked down upon. I had to face racist remarks once or twice while playing for Lancashire. That comment was not personal. I was targeted. “

Strong answer given to the English

Farooq Engineer further said, “My English is better than many Englishmen. So they realized that it was impossible to target Farooq Engineer. I answered them correctly. I proved myself through batting and wicket-keeping. I’m proud of my reputation. ” That’s what he explained.

After Robinson, many England cricketers are in trouble, ECB will investigate all of them

Picture changed due to IPL

Indian players often face racism in international cricket, the engineer revealed in a podcast discussion with Cyrus Brocha. “Former England captain Jeffrey Boycott used the word ‘bloody Indians’ during the commentary,” said the engineer.

England players have been licking their palms since the IPL started. But people like me know how he behaved in the beginning. Now their behavior has changed to make money. You can go to India to earn money. Not just cricket but TV shows and commentary. This is understood by the England players. That’s what the engineer said.

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