Five women arrested for theft in Noida

Noida, Jun 9 (PTI) Noida Police Station Sector 58 has arrested five women who allegedly robbed and bought items from them on the basis of an information last night. Police have recovered stolen goods from them.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Rajnish Verma said that on the basis of an information last night, police station Sector 58 arrested Razia, her daughter Ruhani, Nasnain, Kumari Muskan and Savita from near Sector 62. The police have also arrested the junkie Liaquat, who bought stolen goods from these people. Verma said that the police have recovered motorcycle parts, fire extinguishers and other items stolen from different places from the accused. According to him, the arrested women have told the police during interrogation that they used to steal goods from place to place in NCR and used to sell the face of theft to a junkyard named Liaquat.


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