Firozabad SSP’s advice to policemen, two constables suspended by threatening khaki

The Yogi government of the state is making every effort to make the image clean in the eyes of the people, but due to the actions of some policemen, the entire police department has to be defamed. The SSP of Firozabad has taken action against two such policemen.

was indecency with the shopkeeper
At Asafabad intersection of Rasulpur police station, two constables Chandrashekhar and Pushpendra, after buying goods from a shopkeeper, threatened him by threatening him with uniform. Someone made a video of this whole matter and gave it to SSP Ashok Kumar. Both the policemen were said to be under the influence of alcohol. After watching the video, the SSP suspended both of them.

suspended for not attending the parade
The SSP has also suspended Head Constable Hari Singh for not attending the parade. The SSP said that those who use abusive language with the public will not be spared. He said that use soft language with the public. If any policeman is found to be indecisive or misbehaving with people, strict action will be taken against him.

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action taken before
In the honeymoon, action has been taken against the policemen who misbehave with the public. Despite this, the attitude of some policemen is not taking the name of improvement. SSP Ashok Kumar told NBT that such policemen have been asked to change the methodology. Even after this, if there is no improvement, then action will be taken.


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