Fat to fit: The weight of this woman had reached 70 Kg after delivery, took the help of these 2 tricks to get the body in shape

If the weight of women increases completely during pregnancy, then it becomes normal soon after delivery. But Neha Nanda, who lives in London, had to struggle a lot to lose weight. There was a time when her weight became 70 kg and no dress was fitting her. When all the ideas to become fitter flopped, he started following intermittent fasting.

Everyone knows how difficult this fasting is, but with a 10-month-old daughter, she decided to get back in shape as before and achieved success. Neha lost 20 kg in just 6 months. To know how he did it all, read our weight loss story.

  • Name- Neha Nanda
  • City- London
  • business- software engineer
  • Highest recorded weight 70 kg
  • weight loss- 20 kg
  • Time taken to lose weight 6 months

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turning point

Neha says that the turning point in my life came when my daughter was 10 months old. since delivery try to lose weight But when the clothes started getting stuck on the body, I made a strict plan to lose weight and did it sincerely. The result of that is that now Neha has come in shape as before.


  1. breakfast- Oatmeal without sugar.
  2. Lunch- Two rotis with lentils or any cooked vegetable.
  3. dinner- Taking dinner before 7 pm was very positive. At this time it is very good to have a chapati or porridge with lentils.
  4. Pre-Workout Plan- Drink black coffee.
  5. post workout planget a lotEat more fruits.

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workout plan

Being fitter is not that easy. To do this a goal must be set. Neha started it with a run of 500 meters. Neha says that I also installed a fitness app for time and distance. Gradually, I increased my target to 1 km and then to 5 km.

Today I am able to run more than 5 km. After running, I focused on high intensity workouts. The special thing is that Neha did all these workouts while staying at home. Everything was closed due to the lockdown. That’s why I didn’t go to the gym.

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fitness secret

Paying attention to how many calories you are consuming throughout the day will be of great benefit. By consuming 500 calories less in a week, 500 grams of weight can be lost.

What difficulties did you face in obesity?

You feel very lethargic due to weight gain. Neha says that I felt that I could not play or run with my child because of my increased weight. I used to get tired very quickly and it became a very difficult task for me to maintain my child’s energy. In such a situation, losing weight became very important.

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change in lifestyle

To lose weight, many changes have to be made in the lifestyle. Neha says that I started doing regular workouts in lockdown with intermittent fasting, which was no less than a surprise to me. Today I want to tell every woman that nothing is difficult for the one who is determined to do something. Don’t expect results too quickly and take time for yourself. Giving just 45 minutes every day will result in miraculous weight loss.

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