Fans are amazed to see Rupali Bhosale’s Before & After look; See VIRAL PHOTO

Actress Rupali Bhosale has reached home from season 2 of Bigg Boss Marathi 2.

Mumbai, June 9- Actress Rupali Bhosle (Rupali Bhosale(Hi Big Boss Marathi)Bigg Boss Marathi 2) Has reached home since season 2. Right now she is asking, ‘Where does mother do what?Aai Kuthe Kay Karate) Is captivating everyone from this series. Her personality ‘Sanjana’ in this series is liked by everyone. Today, Rupali Bhosle, who looks very stylish and modern, was very simple in her early days. She recently shared her throwback photo on social media. Fans are really surprised to see that photo.

‘What does Mom do somewhere?’ Sanjana i.e. Rupali Bhosale is considered to be a bold and stylish actress in the Marathi entertainment industry. But how was Rupali before she came to the entertainment sector. No one knows this. Rupali recently shared a post on her Instagram account. In it, Rupali has shared two photos after-before.

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In the previous photo, there is a silver sari and a very traditional look. In it she looks very simple and straightforward. So in the current photo, she is in a red western gown. In it she looks very bold and stylish. There is a big difference between these two photos. These photos show that Rupali has worked very hard on herself.

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Fans are appreciating Rupali after seeing this photo. This photo is also getting a lot of comments and likes. One user commented, ‘I thought you were an urban girl. But looking at this photo, I understood that you are a rural girl who has achieved so much on her own strength. I am proud to see you today ‘. There have been many such comments on this photo of Rupali.

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