Facebook Live starts, suddenly the actor starts trying to commit suicide …

This time the actor said … ‘I don’t like cutting veins, jumping from the floor. I finally got the sleeping pills. ‘

New Delhi, June 10 : Shocking news has come out that Bengali actor Suvo Chakraborty tried to commit suicide during Facebook Live. Fortunately, he has been saved. Suvola has been saved from suicide due to the successful efforts of the police. He had stated the reason for his suicide on Facebook. He had been anxious for the last several days for personal reasons, from which he attempted suicide.

For this reason he was committing suicide

He said in a live Facebook session that he was distressed by the lack of work at hand and the death of his father. Expressing his concern, he tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills. According to reports, a Facebook user informed the police about the whole incident over the phone. After this, Calcutta Police reached the spot and saved the life of Suvo Chakraborty.

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Suvo Chakraborty had written ‘I quit’ in the title of his Facebook video. For the first time in the video, he was playing Girat. At the same time, the song is being sung. They then share the trouble. This is a problem in everyone’s home. My mother says her son is 31 years unemployed. My father died last year. We are living on pension money.

Suvo Chakraborty has not had a job since last year. He has played small and big roles in Bengali serials like ‘Mangal Chandi’, ‘Irabotir Chupkotha’ and ‘Manasa’. ‘Mangal Chandi’ was off air last year. After which Suvo was worried.

In the video, Suvo Chakraborty says that when someone is sad, their desire to live goes away. I’m not doing this just for show. I’m actually taking sleeping pills. I don’t like cutting veins, jumping off the deck. I finally got the sleeping pills. People with high blood pressure are more likely to have cardiac arrest.

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First published:June 10, 2021 at 8:24 PM IS


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