Facebook has become a hub of sex trafficking in America, women and girls are being pushed through this into the sex worker business, find out ……

New Delhi: The social media platform Facebook is hugely popular in every country these days, and its users and usage is growing tremendously day by day. Facebook in general is a special platform to provide convenience and safety to the people, but one class in America is using it badly. A shocking revelation has surfaced in a report on human trafficking. The report says that some people in America are using Facebook for human trafficking as well as sex trafficking. Questions are also being raised against Facebook after the report came to light. This special report is released by the Human Trafficking Institute.

The Human Trafficking Institute’s report cites that some people in the United States are using children, women and young people to engage in sex trafficking through Facebook Hunting, recruiting as many sex workers. According to the report, about 59 percent of the new cases of sex workers recruited in the United States last year were caught through Facebook, meaning that 59 percent of the victims were involved in sex trafficking through Facebook. About 41 percent of those recruited into the U.S. sex business are recruited online, the report said. Victor Butros, CEO of the Human Trafficking Institute, told CBC News: “Facebook has become a big and special medium in which sex traffickers are recruiting victims online, and pushing them into the sex trade.” Have been. Most of the sex traffickers are recruiting youth, women and children’s social networking websites, with Facebook being the platform in this regard. & nbsp;

The 2020 Federal Human Trafficking Report shows that cases of federal crime and civilian human trafficking are on the rise. There were 579 active trafficking cases and 200 civil suits last year, according to the report. There were 1,499 victims and 1,007 defendants in criminal cases, most notably 94 per cent sex trafficking cases while only 6 per cent cases were forcibly brought into the business. The report shows that in the US, Facebook is being used by more people for criminal work than social work. According to the report, women and girls in particular were being targeted. In 98% of the cases the victims are women, most of the women were American, and all of them joined the business because of some weakness. Most of the women were intoxicated, addicted to drugs or ran away from home. However, all these victims were connected through Facebook. & Nbsp;

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