Explainer: Why is the price of petrol-diesel going up after all? Find out in detail how much tax the government collects

New Delhi: Rising petrol and diesel prices affect everyone in the country. Today, the price of petrol and diesel has skyrocketed across the country. In more than 100 districts, the price of petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter. Today, the Congress party is staging a symbolic protest at petrol pumps in protest of the sharp rise in petrol and diesel prices. Why is the price of petrol and diesel going up? How much tax does the government charge? Learn more about it.

How much the price of petrol and diesel increased in May-June

The price of petrol and diesel did not change much during the assembly elections in five states in March-April. Prices began to rise on May 4 after the May 2 election results. Petrol prices rose 16 times in May. In Delhi, petrol became costlier by Rs 3.83 and diesel by Rs 4.42 per liter in May. While the price of petrol has gone up 6 times so far in June. In June, petrol became costlier by Rs 1.66 per liter and diesel by Rs 1.6 per liter. In the year 2021 so far the price has increased 48 times. Petrol, meanwhile, has gone up by Rs 12.14.

Petrol and diesel prices fell in March-April

Petrol and diesel prices fell three times in March and April. The last change in the price of petrol and diesel before April 15 was on March 30. In Delhi, petrol became cheaper by 22 paise and diesel by 23 paise. In March, petrol became cheaper by 61 paise and diesel by 60 paise. The biggest reason for the 3 times fall in petrol and diesel prices in March was the fall in the price of crude oil in the global market.

How much has the price gone up in the last 7 years?

Every year petrol and diesel Are becoming more expensive. But over the past seven years, prices have skyrocketed. Meanwhile, petrol and diesel have seen an increase of Rs 30-35 per liter.

  • 2014-15- Petrol Rs 66.09 per liter, diesel Rs 50.32 per liter
  • 2015-16 – Petrol Rs 61.41 per liter, Diesel Rs 46.87 per liter
  • 2016-17- Petrol Rs 64.70 per liter, Diesel Rs 53.28 per liter
  • 2017-18- Petrol Rs 69.19 per liter , Diesel Rs 59.08 per liter
  • 2018-19- Petrol Rs 78.09 per liter, Diesel Rs 69.18 per liter
  • 2019-20- Petrol Rs 71.05 per liter, Diesel Rs 60.02 per liter
  • 2020-21- Petrol Rs 76.32 per liter, Diesel Rs 66.12 per liter

11 June 2021- Petrol Rs 95.85 per liter, Diesel Rs 86.75 per liter


How much tax does the government levy on petrol-diesel?

The government says that the price is going up due to international prices. But in effect, the central and state governments are levying a hefty tax on a liter of petrol. The central government is levying even higher taxes on petrol than the states. VAT levied on petrol and diesel by the state government varies from state to state. On an average, the state government levies a tax of about Rs 20 per liter of petrol and the central government about Rs 33. This means that people are paying more than half of the amount on petrol and diesel to the government as tax.

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