Exclusive: Varanasi Commissionerate Police in Corona became an angel… helped people in trouble like this

Abhishek Jaiswal, Varanasi
Amidst the second wave of Corona, the Commissionerate Police in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh helped the people a lot. In the midst of the outbreak of the second wave that started from the month of April, the police arranged for oxygen to beds to the troubled people. of Varanasi Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh He himself took charge of it.

In a special conversation with NBT Online, Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh said that during the epidemic, all those people who sought help from Varanasi Commissionerate Police for oxygen to beds in hospitals, all those people from health department and district administration. They were coordinated and helped by the team. .

Sahara policemen will be honored
The commissioner said that many policemen helped the people even off duty. There were many such policemen who arranged for someone’s roof, while someone quenched the hunger of the people. A Satish Ganesh told that such policemen who become the support of the people in times of crisis, they will be honored on August 15 by selecting them.

Enforcement team stopped black marketing
Commissioner A Satish Ganesh said that during the pandemic, many people were turning disaster into opportunity. An enforcement team was formed to rein in such people. Which was constantly raiding private hospitals, medical shops and shops of other essential goods during the epidemic. Apart from the police, this team included health, income tax and administrative officers.

Helpline for arbitrary collection of ambulance
A Satish Ganesh told that when the second wave of Corona had disturbed everything. Then there were many complaints of arbitrary recovery of ambulance drivers. A helpline number was issued to check the arbitrariness of ambulance drivers. On which the traffic police was continuously helping to help the complainants. Hundreds of complaints were received, which were resolved. Money was also returned to the victim’s account from many ambulance drivers.

Mask and two yards required
Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh, through NBT Online, appealed to the people to use masks along with social distancing, saying that the pace of the second wave of Corona has stopped. The unlocking process has also started. The danger has subsided but not yet averted. In such a situation, people must follow the corona rules.


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