Environment Day: Professor of Allahabad University has planted more than one lakh trees. People call ‘Green Man’

Anand Raj, Prayagraj
Global warming has become a terrible problem of the world. In order to deal with this formidable problem of the environment, the government agencies of the country around the world are running lakhs of green campaigns, but an environmental watchdog from Sultanpur, a small village in UP, Prof. NB Singh has launched such a campaign to tackle global warming, due to which people call him ‘Green Man’.

In this era, the talk of ‘simple living and high thinking’ has remained bookish, but in Prayagraj, Professor Saheb has brought this thing into his life. He has become such an environmental watchdog who even after getting more than two lakh salary every month, goes to his office by bicycle.

The new generation is a fan of the environmental watchdog ‘Green Man’
Away from the queue of Allahabad University professors with car status Professor NB Singh He is at the forefront of getting the most respect and admiration. The professor, who has researched more than 70 students in his academic career so far, takes his bicycle to the campus as soon as he gets some time off from his class. Determined to fill the barren earth with rows of plants, they get down to plant saplings in the middle of the barren and concrete.

Many times he himself digs a pit according to his mind by running a shovel and spade in his hands. Plants grown in their own nursery in it. Due to this love of greenery and plants, not only in the university but in the surrounding areas, people know him more by the name of Professor of Botany than the name of Guru ji with less greenery. The new generation is a tremendous admirer of his passion and his simplicity. He is survived by his wife, three daughters and a son. All the three daughters got married and the son is doing a B.Tech job.

spend half the salary on the environment
Environment lover NB Singh spends half of his salary in greening the earth. He is constantly engaged in converting the barren and concrete earth into a sheet of greenery with his own hands. Half of the salary is spent on those plants and nurseries which are like part of the family to them. Hariyali Wale Guruji is engaged in this green campaign since the year 2013 and in the last many years he has fulfilled his responsibility towards the environment by planting thousands of trees around him free of cost. Let us tell you that till now Professor Sahib has planted more than one lakh saplings.


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