During the weekend curfew, the khaki was shown on the vendors, the scales were confiscated… dragged into the jeep, the video went viral

in Kanpur weekend corona curfew But there was a tinge of khaki. There was corona curfew on Sunday, poor vegetable ones They were selling vegetables on a handcart by hawking. Reprimanding the vegetable vendors, the policemen confiscated their electronic scales. The vegetable vendors kept pleading with folded hands in front of the policemen, but the policemen did not listen to them. Dragging a handcartman forcibly, put him in a jeep and took him away.

Weekend Corona Curfew is in force on Saturday and Sunday after the havoc of Corona virus has stopped in Kanpur. In Dabuli located in Govind Nagar police station area, the vendors were selling vegetables on Sunday. Ratanlal was on patrol with his team in Nagar Outpost Incharge. During this, some people were seen selling vegetables on a handcart to the policemen. What was it then, Khakhi started showing her status on the poor vendors.

The police personnel started lifting the scales from the handcart. Out of which one vegetable vendor opposed this action of the police. The police personnel dragged him and put him in the jeep. After this, whatever the handcart saw the police, they also started lifting the scales.

viral video
In the beginning of the viral video, it can be seen that three vegetable carts are standing. A handcart is wearing a scarf and a blue shirt in his mouth. When the policemen tried to lift his electronic scale, he hid the scale in his arms. The policemen dragged him and took him behind the police jeep. After this, a handcart wearing a half T-shirt wearing a black mask in his mouth started telling the policemen that they were selling vegetables in the streets. By selling vegetables, he earns bread for two times. Meanwhile, the police personnel wearing a blue shirt grabs the collar of the handcart and puts it in the jeep. In the last second of the video, a handcartman comes and the soldier lifted his scales too. The handcart started folding his hands, but the soldier did not listen to him.

Police gave clarification
Govind Nagar Inspector Anurag Mishra says that the video is from Sunday. A local had made a video and sent that the vendors are selling vegetables during the Corona curfew. On this the police had reached, everyone was released after cutting the challan. were not distributed to anyone. The police had returned everyone’s scales.


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