Dilip Kumar on Oxygen Support; Status stable, doctor’s information

Dilip Kumar Health Updates: A big update has come out regarding the health of senior Bollywood leader Dilip Kumar (Veteran actor Dilip Kumar).

Mumbai, June 06: A big update has come out regarding the health of veteran Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar. It is understood that Dilip Kumar is on oxygen support. Doctors of Hinduja Hospital have given information in this regard.

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar is not on a ventilator but on oxygen support. His condition is stable now. Some of the tests we have done for the lungs are yet to be reported, said Dr. PD, a pulmonologist at Hinduja Hospital. Dr. Jalil Parkar said.

Dilip Kumar was admitted to PD Hinduja Hospital in Khar on Sunday morning. According to the information given by Jalil Parkar yesterday, water has accumulated in his lung (pleural aspiration). That is why it is difficult for him to be discharged from the hospital so soon. He is undergoing treatment under the guidance of an expert doctor. Doctors also assured that Dilip Kumar’s fans should not worry and he will return home soon.

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First published:June 7, 2021 at 3:41 PM IS


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