Dilip Kumar health: What the doctor said about Dilip Kumar’s health, know the important news

A big news has come out about Bollywood’s legendary actor Dilip Kumar. Actor Dilip Kumar’s health is improving. Dr Jalil Parkar said that actor Dilip Kumar’s health is improving but he is on oxygen support.

The actor was admitted to Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital on Sunday due to health reasons. The actor has been admitted to hospital due to respiratory problems (Dilip Kumar Health). Doctors said his condition was stable and he was being kept on oxygen support.

The first picture of Dilip Kumar and Saira Bano from the hospital came out a day ago which was shared from Dilip Kumar’s Twitter handle.

Dilip Kumar, who was admitted to the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai, was seen reclining in the picture. While his wife and actress Saira Bano was standing next to him and watching him. Fans are working on his speedy recovery when these pictures are posted.

Dilip Kumar has been admitted to hospital due to Bilateral Pleural Effusion. He had difficulty breathing and was kept on oxygen support. If you do not know about this disease, let us say that it is a lung related disease in which the lungs become watery. Currently they are recovering from the drugs. Doctors are issuing their health updates from time to time for their fans. He is currently in better health and will be discharged from the hospital as soon as he recovers.


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