Dhanbad News: The customer showed ‘Dabangai’ on asking for the outstanding money, ran the shopkeeper with a sword

Kanhaiya Pandey, Dhanbad
In Dhanbad city of Jharkhand, a shopkeeper found it difficult to demand his dues from the customer. The customer ran the shopkeeper with a sword. The video of the incident has gone viral in the city. The shopkeeper has complained about this whole matter to the police. The police have started investigation based on the complaint. The whole matter is of Shiv Mandir Road of Jharia police station area.

According to the information received, there is a grocery shop of Surendra Gupta, a shopkeeper living in Shiv Mandir Road of Jharia police station area. Shravan Kesari and his son Deepak Kesari, who lived in the neighborhood from his shop, used to take goods on credit. On Wednesday, when Surendra went to ask for his money, Shravan Kesari and his son ran towards him with a stick and a sword. Then shopkeeper Surendra saved himself by running away from the spot and gave a complaint to the police.

The victim shopkeeper told the whole incident
About the incident, shopkeeper Surendra told that Shravan Kesari, who lives nearby, used to take loan ration from him. He often hesitated when asked for money. On Wednesday again, he reached the shop asking for loan ration. On not giving, Shravan Kesari and his two sons got into a fight, during which Shravan’s son Deepak Kesari brought out the sword from the house. He took the sword and ran. On saving his life, he ran to the roof. Surendra Gupta says that Shravan’s son is a domineering type of person. That’s why the people of the locality shy away from speaking against him.

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The accused denied Talwar’s talk
On this matter, Shravan Kesari says that Surendra Gupta had kept a broken glass near the house. Controversy arose over its removal. He accepted the point of taking out the stick but categorically denied the point of running with the sword.

customer with sword in hand


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