Dehradun News: Money was going to China through crypto currency, fraud of 250 crores was exposed

Uttarakhand Police has unearthed cyber fraud worth Rs 250 crore. This was being done with the lure of doubling the money in 15 days through an app named Power Bank. Investigation revealed that this money was being converted into crypto currency and sent to China and other countries. It is then converted into the currency there.

Uttarakhand STF has arrested the main gangster Pawan Kumar Pandey from Noida in this connection. 19 laptops, 592 SIM cards, 5 mobile phones, 4 ATMs and 1 passport were recovered from his possession.

A person from Haridwar complained to the cybercrime police that his friend told that money is doubling in 15 days after investing money through power bank app. He also deposited Rs 91,200 and 73,000 thousand on the app. Upon tracking the transfer of money from RAZORPAY and PAYU, it was found that all the money was being transferred from different wallets to other bank accounts.

After this, these money were transferred to the accounts of shell companies through crypto currency. These companies and accounts were also created in a fraudulent manner. It is being told that the masterminds of this plan sitting in China used to find those who run the business of fraud for themselves from Telegram and YouTube.


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