These Are The Deadliest Snakes On The Earth

Slimy? Ew. Glaring eyes? Double eww. Fangs filled with deadly poison? Yeah, I am scared shitless and running for the hills. Snakes have the uncanny ability to put even the scariest horror movies to shame with their slithery presence alone. However, it’s common knowledge that snakes are also incredibly dangerous. That’s why we have compiled a list of the THE deadliest snakes in the world. Check it out if you dare.


Thanks to Hollywood movies, we are all pretty familiar with the anaconda. The snake, not the song! What the anaconda lacks in venom quantity, being on the borderline of very, very small, it makes up for in size. Also, the anaconda’s method of killing is to wrap its victims around its midsection and squeeze until they are completely crushed. Only then does it swallow you whole.

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