Enemies At Your Dinning Table: Deadliest Foods


Most of the times we resort to canned goods when we run out of time for meal preparation. Some canned-corn has never killed anybody, but don’t let this laziness be a habit. Canning is a process that allows us to preserve foods for a longer period of time (from one up to five years, and sometimes even more), preserving certain nutrients. At the same time some other nutrients such as water-soluble vitamins can be damaged by the high-heat used in canning the goods. Plus, many industries add to the canned-products – particularly if they’re low quality ones – sugar and salt in large amounts.


Shop-bought stock cubes contain both artificial ingredients and high-levels of salt. Particularly people affected by diabetes are more exposed to high-blood pressure, which makes them more vulnerable to heart and kidney disease. Homemade stocks are quick and easy to do, and they will enrich your recipes with a definite tastier flavour.

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