Dad! Irfan left the TV field on that occasion, read what a horrible experience it was

Irfan was working on the small screen in the 90s.

Mumbai, June 8- actor(Actor) Irfan Khan(Irrfan Khan) Was a Kohinoor in Hindi cinema. Irfan had said goodbye to the world last year. But Irfan has many such things. Which is why fans still miss him today. After Irfan’s death, many things came up that we had never heard of. We are going to learn one such case. This is the case, in Irfan’s small screen career, let’s find out now.

Famous film journalist Bhavana Somaya has shared this memory of Irrfan. Irfan was working on the small screen in the 90s. At the time, he was doing a crime series. Shooting on the small screen used to be so much that you had to shoot day and night. One day, Irfan was returning from his shoot. He was so tired from the shooting that he fell asleep while driving. And there came a moment when Irfan could not control his sleep. And while driving, he fell asleep on the steering wheel of the car.

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When Irfan opened his eyes, he did not understand anything but the sun was shining on his face. In such a state he reached home. And went to his room and slept. Irfan was very upset by all this. Was frightened. And the companion was confused. His wife told him that he had not been out of his room for several days because of this type. At that time, Irfan decided that even if there is no work, it will work. But I don’t want to work on the small screen again. So Irfan had done well on the small screen.

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