Covid Vaccination: Bihar is still behind in giving vaccine, the need to increase the speed by 8 times… understand the calculation of every dose here


  • Bihar still behind in giving corona vaccine
  • Need to increase speed by 8 times
  • Here, understand the account of every dose
  • Vaccination biggest weapon to protect against third wave

The outbreak of the second wave of corona in Bihar is now gradually decreasing. For this reason, after a month of lockdown, the government has moved towards unlocking from today i.e. June 9. But the concern about the third wave of Corona still persists. Obviously, to win this war, the biggest need is vaccination.

Need to increase the speed of vaccination in Bihar
Vaccination is currently in place for all people above 18 years of age in Bihar. In between, it had to be stopped for people in the age group of 18-44 as the vaccine dose was not available. The question arises that what is the status of vaccination in Bihar, how many doses are needed on a daily basis and at what speed. You have to look at the statistics to understand these.

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8 times faster vaccination needed in Bihar
If we look at the vaccination so far, 12.6% of the total population in Bihar has got the first dose so far. Whereas those taking the second dose are only 2.5%. In such a situation, Bihar will have to vaccinate 8 times faster. Think of it in this way that your daily vaccination needs to be increased from 78,000 doses in a day to 6.6 lakh doses per day i.e. about 8.4 times.

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In the case of population above the age of 18, five of the six most populous states in the country will have to target to increase the daily vaccination level by five times or more. These states are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. The exception, however, is Maharashtra, which has the second largest population of adults after UP, and needs to increase its daily immunizations by 4.5 times.

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what is corona update in bihar
On Tuesday, 34 more people died due to corona virus infection in Bihar. Since the beginning of the corona epidemic last year, 5,458 people have died due to this epidemic. At present, the number of Kovid patients in the state is 7,897. Since the beginning of the corona epidemic last year, 7,14,590 people have been infected due to its grip.


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