COVID nails: Nails of patients changing color after recovering from Kovid, new serious symptoms showing in hands and toes

Since last year till now, the corona virus has shown many of its symptoms. As the virus changes, its systems also change. This is a disease whose symptoms appear in patients for a long time even after recovery. Some people, after recovering from it, are falling prey to the death of black fungus.

So far, the sky-high symptoms seen in patients after Kovid recovery include loss of smell, taste, excessive hair loss and muscle pain. Now some experts have given information about a symptom that appears on the nails i.e. the nails of the hands and feet after the patient is cured. It is being called Kovid Nails. However, here we tell you what is Kovid Nails and how to identify these symptoms.
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Know your health with your nails

According to health experts, our nails can also give an indication about how healthy we are after recovering from the Kovid epidemic. However, the last recovered from virus infection There was no side effect in the nails of the patients, but with the new variant, the effect on the nails has started showing. Experts say that this is the first time we have faced such a strange symptom like ‘Kovid’ nails.

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What is Covid Nails?

According to the scientist, this is a condition related to nails in which the shape and color of the nails can change and your nails can become rough. In this medical language it is called ‘Beau’s lines’. What is the relationship between corona and it is clearly unknown as of now.

Experts believe that patients who go through extreme stress and illnesses, corona takes a toll on their overall body health. In such a situation, the disease can show its effect on the nails as well.

British scientist first revealed Kovid Nails

These symptoms were first identified by a British scientist Tim Spector, who was involved in the UK-based COVID Symptoms Study App. Soon after being mentioned by Spector, reactions started pouring in on the internet regarding Kovid Nails.

Many people have reported this symptom months and weeks after recovering from COVID by recognizing the signs of their nails.

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Symptoms of COVID nails


Many people recover from the grip of Kovid in a few weeks but for some it may take a long time. Because there are many such symptoms which remain even after the negative test comes. In recent times some people after recovering from corona virus The symptoms of ‘Kovid Nails’ are being seen.

This is being seen as a possible side effect. People who have recovered from corona have reported recognizing different signs on their nails after weeks or months.

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How to identify Kovid Nails?

According to case studies, its symptoms can appear on the nails weeks or months later. It can appear not only on the hands but also on the toes. However, the most typical symptom of this side effect can be ‘grooves’ and roughness on the nails. Usually our nails are white, in Kovid nails they start showing roughness.

Blue lines can also appear as ridges, grooves or indentations and can appear on more than one nail plate at a time. However, experts also say that these symptoms are not necessarily visible in every patient.

Other Factors of Beau Lines

There can be many other factors besides Kovid for the formation of Beau’s lines on the nails. Such symptoms on the nails can also appear due to serious illness, viral infection, long-term use of drugs, as well as comorbidities such as uncontrolled diabetes and some vascular diseases. Since corona is also a disease that takes more time to recover, it can also badly affect the health of the nails.

Should you see a doctor for this

‘Business lines’ are often caused by systemic illness or medications. The resolution of the nail symptoms mainly depends on the recovery from the corona. Some even say that it is nothing to worry about, and it can only be a sign that the body has recovered from this dangerous infection and is making a healthy recovery.

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