Covid-19 Vaccine 2nd dose: If there is a delay in taking the second dose of the vaccine, will the first dose be ineffective? Know the answer to these 6 questions

Covid-19 Vaccine Second dose: The havoc of the second wave of corona virus in India is now under control. Now less than one lakh cases are coming every day, but the process of death of patients is still going on. It is also a matter of relief that gradually the situation seems to be coming under control. Vaccination has had a positive impact on the COVID outbreak. Vaccination of people has been going on in the country for a long time and those who have been vaccinated now it is their turn to take their dose again. However, at present, due to the lack of vaccines, people have been worried about taking another dose. While the central government is trying hard to vaccinate more and more people. Along with this, people who have taken the first dose are insisting to take the second dose.

In such a situation, if you are missing the date of taking the second dose of the vaccine, then some questions must be arising in your mind. For example, whether the first dose of the vaccine is enough or after a certain date the antibodies will end in the body and the effect of the vaccine will be reduced. Or can you delay the second vaccination and delay it by how much? The answers to many such questions are given below.
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Memory-B cells are produced from the second dose

if you covid outbreak If you want to avoid it completely, then everyone needs a double dose of the vaccine. Health experts are also emphasizing time and again that only by getting both doses of the vaccine, you can completely avoid infection. There is no doubt that the first dose is also very effective, but the second dose strengthens the immune system more.

Second dose present in the body immune system It also produces memory-B cells. These are a type of white blood cell in which the receptors present in the body alert the system as soon as the virus enters the body and protect us from infection.

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Why is Covaxin shorter in interval than Covisield?


Some health experts say that Covaxin compared to Covishield There is not a strong antibody response with the first dose and hence a second dose is needed to increase immunity. However, the first dose of Covishield is also very effective and gives us long-term immunity in defense against the virus.

It is known that AstraZeneca recommends increasing the interval between two doses of CovShield vaccine to 12 to 16 weeks, and Covaccine can be administered after 6 weeks. According to a study published in The Lancet, the effect of Covishield increases when given at an interval of 12 weeks.

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What happens if others are not able to take the vaccine on the scheduled date?

Experts say that if possible, get vaccinated only on the scheduled date. But due to some problem, if the second dose of vaccine is not available on that date, then there is nothing to panic in it. Actually, many people are believing that if the second dose is not taken at the appointed time.first dose of vaccine It will become useless and they will have to start again from the first dose.

There is no research on whether a delay in taking the dose will reduce the effect of the vaccine. However, try to choose a different date closer to the scheduled date. This will reduce your chances of infection.

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For how many days can the second dose be delayed?

If due to lack of vaccine or due to any other problem, you could not get the second dose of the vaccine on the scheduled date or it has been 10-15 days above then there is no need to panic. you still second dose You can get it, because the first dose is present in your memory cells and only after the second dose, complete antibodies are made. If a second dose is taken after a delay of some time, then there is no harm in it.

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When is a booster dose needed?

Scientists believe that after taking a single dose, the body’s immunity against the virus remains in many cases. In such a situation, if you come in contact with the virus again, then this immunity gets activated again. But it is not necessary for every patient to be like this. If this immunity is not formed in the patient’s body after vaccination, then in such cases a booster dose is required.

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Infected after the first dose, when to take the second dose?

If you become infected with COVID-19 after taking the first dose of the vaccine, you are advised to wait 2-3 months for the second dose. Because after getting infected, your body starts making antibodies again.


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