Covid-19: Can a person get a corona infection from an animal? Learn what the facts are

A 9-year-old lion has died after testing positive for corona at a zoo in Chennai. This is the first case of death of any animal due to corona in the country. Officials are concerned after the incident and now the corps is also coming into the animals. The trials were performed on a group of elephants to determine if they had a transition.

Many & nbsp; Animal coronary tests tested positive

Coronavirus studies so far show that the virus is mainly transmitted between respiratory droplets and people in close contact, but is also an example of transmission between humans and animals. . Many animals that have been exposed to infected humans, such as kurta, pets, cats, lions and tigers, have tested positive for the virus.

Research is currently underway on theories of transmission of corona virus from bats to humans. According to the CDC, & ldquo; There is currently no evidence that coronaviruses have played a significant role in the spread of the virus in animals. Animals are said to have a lower risk of transmitting the corona virus to humans. & Rdquo; Cases have also been reported in the United States, but the CDC says that & ldquo; corona spread from infected humans to mink, and later the virus spread between mink. & Rdquo;


According to the CDC, companion animals such as cats, dogs, zoos or large cats in parks, gorillas, farm mink corona can be infected. But we did not yet know that all animals could be infected. Animals around the world have been reported to be infected with the virus. Most of the animals in it have become infected after coming in contact with corona positive people.

What to do if you have a pet

If you have a pet Treat it the same way you treat your family members to avoid potential coronary heart disease. This is because there is a risk of spreading the corona virus from an infected person to an animal. Pet owners want to protect their animals from exposure to outsiders. It must be kept at home. Not looking to take them to a crowded place. The animal should not be masked. Masks can damage it.

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