Coronavirus in Meerut: Corona snatched the parents’ shadow from the heads of 3 children, only grandmother remained in the house


  • In a family, the shadow of the parents was snatched from the three children.
  • Due to financial constraints, a family also tried to commit suicide.
  • Mountain of trouble in front of 350 children

Premdev Sharma, Meerut
The second wave of corona in Meerut has left many families with life-long wounds. There is such a family in Mawana, Meerut, in which the shadow of the parents arose from the heads of three children. There was no earner in the house. Only 75 years old grandmother is left in the family. After the death of the head of the family in Jelchungi, the wife and children tried to kill themselves due to troubles.

According to the report of the Meerut district administration, the second wave of corona took away the shadow of the parents from the heads of 350 children in the Meerut zone forever. Of these, 245 children did not have fathers. The mother of 56 children is no more. Both the parents of 49 children are no more.

The shadow of the parents snatched away from the three children
Corona wreaked havoc on the family living near Budapir in Mohalla Kabligate of Mawana Nagar. Parents died together. Elder daughter Palak (15), Pari (14), Aaradhya (6) became destitute. In front of the 75-year-old woman, a mountain of sorrows has broken on the whole family. The three children are living with their grandmother in two rented houses. Biro, a 75-year-old woman in the family, says that the corona pandemic has torn her family apart. The stick of his old age was snatched away. In these circumstances, from where will the arrangements for food and education expenses of the three children be made.

Entire family attempted suicide
When a person resident of Jelchungi got corona infection, then all the accumulated capital of the family was exhausted. But despite all the efforts, he could not be saved. He died of Corona. Only wife and two children remained in the family. The family’s source of income has stopped. Now the problem of the future of two children and running the house came in front of the woman. In the end, the woman took a suicidal step. Attempted suicide with both the children. However, fortunately, during this time the neighboring lady reached there and saved all three.

Mountain of trouble in front of 350 children
The second wave of Corona snatched the father’s shadow from the heads of 245 children in Meerut division forever. The mother of 56 children is no more. Both the parents of 49 children are no more. Surendra Singh, commissioner of Meerut division said that after preparing the data of all the six districts of the division, the number of such 350 children has come to the fore who have lost their mother or father due to corona. Of these, maximum 119 children are destitute in Ghaziabad district. The number of such children in Meerut is 66. In Hapur also the support of 44 children has been snatched. 71 children of Gautam Budh Nagar and 17 children of Bulandshahr have become destitute. The commissioner said that the administration of destitute children would become a support in all the six districts of the division.

Statistics of destitute children in Meerut zone

District husband to mother parents some
Meerut 36 27 03 66
Ghaziabad 87 11 21 119
gautam budh nagar 56 09 06 71
bulandshahr 10 01 06 17
Hapur 29 08 07 44
Baghpat 27 00 06 33
total 245 56 49 350


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