Corona’s third wave entry in this big country of the world? Find out which dangerous variant has caused thousands of cases of catastrophe in a single day ……..

London: The threat of a third wave of coronary heart disease is on the rise in Britain. Three months later, 6,238 new cases were reported in Britain on Friday. At the same time, there has been a flurry of locomotives. In addition, 5341 cases were registered on Saturday. In Britain, 5,683 corona-infected patients came forward on Sunday. The Delta variant of the Corona has been spotted in Britain. This new variant of the Corona is the entry into the third wave of catastrophes. & Nbsp;

It is worth mentioning that during the second wave in Britain, the most cases were reported on January 8. More than 67 thousand new cases were registered on this day. Then gradually the number of cases per day began to decrease. & Nbsp;

The number of cases of corona was less than two thousand in mid-May & nbsp;
Came. A total of more than 45 lakh 21 thousand corona cases have been reported in Britain so far. In the last 24 hours, 11 patients have lost their lives, bringing the death toll to 128,086.

Is. Patients of Delta variant were first met in India, this variant is very dangerous. January 8 saw the highest number of cases during the second wave in Britain.

Scientific adviser warns
In addition, the British government’s scientific adviser on Monday warned that Britain could be infected with the corona virus. The third wave may be in the early stages. According to the Xinhua News Agency, Cambridge University professor Ravi Gupta said, “Although the new cases are ‘comparatively less’, the Indian variant has promoted ‘excessive growth’.” The warning comes amid 3,383 other cases of coronary heart disease in the country. & Nbsp;

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