corona virus: positive results of phytorelief medicine on patients in patna aiims

Patna, Jun 10 (PTI) A study by AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) based in Bihar’s capital Patna has shown positive results of Phytorelief drug on patients with mild and early symptoms of corona virus.

Patna AIIMS Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr. Yogesh said that about 100 Kovid-19 patients who were recently admitted to his hospital and living in home isolation were included in this study. Patients taking this medicine were examined after 10 days, then they were found infection free.

He told that research has shown that phytorelief increases immunity and also helps in the quick recovery of corona virus patients. The results of this research are very promising and there have been no initial side effects.

Dr. Yogesh said that this medicine is a natural antiviral agent which is effective in curing minor and early symptoms of corona virus.

Various studies on the Phytorelief drug developed by Alchem ‚Äč‚ÄčLife have shown that it is effective in boosting immunity up to four times against the viruses that cause cough, cold and flu.


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