Corona vaccine will be conducted in Jammu and Kashmir at night? New scheme of administration to reach 100% target

Govind Chauhan, Srinagar
Now a new plan is being worked on by the administration to take the vaccine up to 100 percent in Jammu and Kashmir. Now people in Kashmir will be given the vaccine even at night. The reason is that people go out of their homes in connection with work during the day. In such a situation, he was not able to get the vaccine. For this, now the administration is working on a scheme to give vaccine to such people at night. It has been started from Bandipora district of Kashmir.

According to the information, it has been started by the teams in Bandipora district of Kashmir. In this, apart from the day, now teams are being asked to go door-to-door to apply the vaccine at night as well. Teams are being sent to the remote areas of Bandipora at night, which is going to people’s homes and vaccinating them. Vaccine work is going on in this district even on the day, but the entire district is not being taken up to 100%.

The reason behind this was that during the day people leave their homes for work. They come back at night. In such a situation, only those people who are in homes come to get the vaccine on the day. Due to this the record is not being reached for many days. In such a situation, on behalf of the administration, the work of applying the vaccine was started in this district by visiting the houses at night. For two days, the team is getting a lot of success in this because most of the people are at home at night. In such a situation, they are being vaccinated at home.

Due to this, the record of the district has increased significantly in the last two days. In view of this, the rest of the districts of Kashmir are also going to work on this plan. In the next few days, in Kashmir, the vaccine will be applied by visiting people’s homes even at night. With this, corona vaccination can be done 100 percent in Kashmir. The administration has been targeted by LG Manoj Sinha regarding the vaccine. In which it has been said that 100 percent vaccination should be done in the state in the middle of the stipulated time.


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