Corona Vaccination in Betul: Not a single person got vaccinated in 47 villages, villagers attacked health workers


  • Not a single person got corona vaccine in 47 villages of Betul
  • Many misconceptions about vaccine in tribal dominated areas
  • Villagers refusing health department team
  • Videos of assault with staff who went to apply vaccine are going viral

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have announced to give free vaccine to people above 18 years of age amidst allegations of vaccine between the central and state governments, but even today villagers are afraid of getting the vaccine in the villages. There are about 1400 villages in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. Out of these, there are 47 villages in which not a single villager has got the vaccine. Maximum 33 villages are in Bhimpur development block.

Most of the villages with zero vaccine of Betul are such where the number of tribal community is high. There is confusion among the villagers. It has reached among them that people are dying by applying the vaccine. Whenever the health department team goes to the villagers to get the vaccine, they refuse, in many places they are ready to fight and stone.

In the district, 1,90,000 people have been vaccinated. The Collector and all the departments have worked together in this regard. There was confusion in Kajri village of Bhimpur. There, people were vaccinated through social organizations. Incidents of abuse have taken place in many villages.

Earlier there were 232 centers for vaccination and the same team remained. Now vaccine doses are getting less. That’s why fewer people are getting the vaccine. The Health Department claims that an awareness campaign will be conducted in villages with zero vaccination so that people will be ready to get the vaccine there too.

People say that vaccination is causing death. Some people say that corona is happening only after applying the vaccine. And some people say that children are not having children after applying the vaccine. Some people said that the vision stopped after getting the vaccine.


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