Corona: People still do not warn.. Crowd gathered in the temples of Ayodhya on Jyeshtha Mangal, Kovid protocol was blown away

Mayank Srivastava, Ayodhya
In Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, when the restrictions of the lockdown were lifted, once again people left the precautions towards Kovid-19 on the edge. Be it the market or the temple, crowds started appearing everywhere again. On the second Tuesday of the month of Jyeshtha, a crowd of devotees thronged the temples of Ayodhya to have darshan. The police had to work hard to ensure that social distancing is followed. A large number of devotees were seen going to Hanumagarhi for darshan.

On the other hand, Mahant Raju Das of Hanumangarhi says that it is not necessary that devotees should visit together on Tuesday. There is a lock down for 2 days in a week. The temple remains closed for 2 days. For the rest of the day, devotees can have darshan. Due to this there will be no crowd and social distance will be maintained. He said that Tuesday being the second Tuesday of Jyeshtha, the number of devotees increased and the administration was busy in controlling the crowd.

The shopkeepers located near Hanumangarhi temple say that even as it was Teras on Tuesday, the crowd of people suddenly increased. There was a lockdown for so long and people were not able to come. As soon as the work of the vaccine started, people started coming since then. SSP Ayodhya refused to comment on this on camera but said that we are taking steps to control the crowd of temples.

Crowd gathered in temples


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