Corona eclipse on Ganga Dussehra… program postponed, only 3 batuks will discharge the tradition

Corona infection has been eclipsed on the Ganga Dussehra program to be held on the Prayagraj Sangam coast. This program, which ran from June 10 to June 20, has been postponed by the committee due to corona infection. Now this program will run for 10 days, but will perform three Batuk Aartis as a token, so that the tradition of the program remains.

Neither the idol will be installed nor the loudspeaker will play
Due to the Kovid-19 infection on the Sangam coast, this time the committee has decided not to organize a grand event on the occasion of Ganga Dussehra. Starting from Friday, this program will be completed with complete simplicity. In which the ritual will be done under the protocol of Kovid-19. Every year this program was done in a grand manner on the Sangam beach, but this time the administration has put a ban on organizing big events due to the infection of Kovid-19.

Rajendra Paliwal, a Teerth Purohit and associate of Sangam Mahaarti, told that this time no idol will be installed at the Sangam nor will loudspeaker sound be used, because if all these things are installed, crowds of people will gather every day. This time the tradition will be continued by making this program aarti every day with only three batuks, so that the old tradition continues.

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Only three batuks are doing aarti from 2020
Due to the increasing infection of Kovid-19, since 2020 till now, the committee is conducting aarti every day with the help of 3 batuks, but every year a grand program is organized for 10 days on the occasion of Ganga Dussehra. In which many cultural programs are organized every day. In which a large number of people participate, but since 2020 till now it was banned due to Kovid-19 infection. The tradition of this program, which runs from June 10 to June 20, is not broken, so that the program is being organized by shortening the outline.


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