Corona death in Varanasi: The figures are telling the scene of devastation in Varanasi, never in history so many death certificates were issued in a month

Vikas Pathak, Varanasi
The death toll from Corona in Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is shocking. In the first and second wave of Corona, the number of people who died in the official figures may be 756, but in reality the number is much higher. The issuance of about 23 hundred death certificates from the Municipal Corporation office in the month of May itself is proof that the epidemic has swept life like a hawk.

On normal days, 400 to 450 death proofs are issued every month by the Birth and Death Registration Office of the Municipal Corporation. This number increased manifold during the Corona period. If we look at the data of the registration office, this year from January to May, i.e. in five months, 6483 death certificates have been issued.

This was the situation in February
Death certificates of 1232 people were issued in the month of January. It increased in the month of February and 1366 certificates were issued. In March, 729 death certificates were issued and in April, 888 death certificates were issued due to the outbreak of Corona.

Many times more deaths
In the deadly second wave that started in April, the number of applications for certificates increased to over 2,300 in the month of May, which is a record. The employees of the Municipal Corporation lost their sweat in getting unexpected applications and verifying them and issuing certificates.

Never issued so many death certificates
Municipal Health Officer Dr. NP Singh informed that in the month of May, death certificates of 2259 people have been issued. Some more applications are currently being processed. Never in the history of the corporation had such a large number of death certificates been issued in a month. The cause of death was corona virus infection, other diseases and road accidents.

Municipal corporation burnt dead bodies more than government figures
There has also been a big difference in the figures of the Health Department and the Municipal Corporation regarding the death toll from Corona. According to the data of the Health Department, 375 people died of corona in April and month.

The number of dead bodies of corona infected burnt by the Municipal Corporation through the help desks at the crematoriums in these two months is about nine hundred. In the month of April, 344 bodies were burnt by the Municipal Corporation in the month of May. CMO Dr. VB Singh and administration officials have kept silence on the question of difference in figures.


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