‘Conspiracy against Pearl’; In the rape case, Ekta took the side of the actor

The young woman’s mother took the actor’s side; Speaking with Ekta, he claimed that there was no rape

Mumbai June 5: Actor Pearl V Puri, who reached home through the series Nagin, is embroiled in a controversy. A young woman has accused him of rape. Mumbai Police has also arrested him in this case. (Pearl V Puri in rape case) Producer Ekta Kapoor has expressed anger over the matter. She has sided with Pearl and accused him of being involved in a false case for no reason. Unity has claimed that Pearl did not rape anyone.

Pearl was playing the lead role in the series Herpes of Unity. So as soon as he was arrested, many began to criticize Unity. But Ekta has also responded strongly and stopped talking about trolls. She has shared a lengthy post in favor of Pearl. In it, she said,

“An artist who molests or abuses girls does not find a place in my series. But Pearl is flawless. He is being falsely accused. I had a talk with the girl’s mother yesterday. She told me in no uncertain terms that the girl’s father was making false accusations against the actor. They have fabricated a story to get him arrested. ” Such a post has been made by Ekta. She also shared a photo of Pearl and the young woman. Interestingly, the audio clip of the conversation with the young woman’s mother is also close to unity. She has claimed that she can give it to the police as evidence.

This post of Ekta has given a different twist to this rape case. So far, many have been critical of Pearl. But now the young woman is also being blamed. Meanwhile, why did her father make false allegations against the actor? Not yet proven. But if the claim made by Ekta proves true, the young woman and her father could face severe punishment.

Pearl V Puri is a famous actor on the small screen. He has so far played the lead role in many superhit series like Bepnah Pyaar, Brahmarakshas 2, Nagin 3, Nagarjuna Ek Yodha. In recent times, he has been in the news for his serials. He also has a huge fan following on social media. Against this backdrop, his arrest has come as a shock to many.

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First published:June 5, 2021 at 3:13 PM IS


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