Commissioning in Ara Municipal Corporation, Junior Engineer said – fix the rate from Municipal Commissioner to Mayor


  • Video of bribery in Ara Municipal Corporation goes viral
  • Junior engineer is telling whose rate how much
  • Tender money is not released without giving 15%

Chandan Kumar, Arrah
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may teach his office bearers a lesson of honesty, but the officers are not deterring from taking bribe One such case has come to light from the Ara Municipal Corporation, where the junior engineer of the Municipal Corporation is seen demanding a hefty commission to pay the bill and prepare the estimate of the new plan.

In the video, a junior engineer of the municipal corporation is demanding money for work. Looks like openly asking for commission. In which the commission has been fixed from the Municipal Commissioner and the Mayor to the office personnel of the Municipal Corporation. This fixed amount is distributed to all the people. This engineer is not ready to work without taking money.

At the same time, there has been a stir in the Municipal Corporation after this video surfaced. In this context, when the District Magistrate of Bhojpur, Roshan Kushwaha was talked to, he told that a video has also come to him. In this, the Junior Engineer of the Municipal Corporation is talking about the transaction. This video is being investigated. Whatever appropriate action is taken after investigation, it will be taken.

In this video there is a black sheet of commissioning of a junior engineer in Ara. In-charge of Fisheries Department and Ara Municipal Corporation, Junior Engineer Ramesh Sharma is demanding a commission of 60 thousand rupees from the contractor of Municipal Corporation Mukesh Kumar Singh. JE is also talking about the share of Municipal Commissioner and several officers of Municipal Corporation along with its commission.

In the video, JE Ramesh Sharma and the contractor are heard talking that ‘3 percent of Municipal Commissioner, 3 percent of Mayor, 6 percent of Junior Engineer, Deputy Mayor and 3 percent of office i.e. to give a total commission of 15 percent for getting the work done. Will happen.’ After this the contractor would say that at present he will give only 9%.


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