Chirag Paswan News: Posters of ‘missing’ MP Chirag in Jamui, announcement of reward for the searcher


  • Posters of LJP chief Chirag Paswan ‘missing’ in parliamentary constituency
  • Posters put up by Janshakti Vikas Party
  • ‘Will you fight the elections or will you pay off the debt of Jamui’s soil in a disaster like this corona?’
  • Accused of leaving the people of Jamui alone during the Corona crisis

Lok Janshakti Party chief and MP Chirag Paswan (LJP President Chirag PaswanPosters of ‘Missing’ have been put up in his parliamentary constituency Jamui. These posters, put up in many areas of the district, have spoken of him being ‘missing’ from his constituency during the corona epidemic. It is written in these posters that we will contest elections or will we also pay off the debt of Jamui’s soil in this corona-like disaster? According to the information, these posters have been put up by Janshakti Vikas Party.

Chirag is being accused of being ‘missing’ during the Corona crisis
About a dozen posters of the Jamui MP going ‘missing’ have been put up in and around Kachari Chowk. Questions have been raised in this that where is Chirag Paswan? If anyone has information about the missing MP written in the poster, then definitely tell, the person who tells it will be given a suitable reward. These posters claimed that Chirag Paswan did not visit his constituency even once in the last six months.

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Janshakti Vikas Party put up posters, know what they said
JVP chief Pradeep Kumar Singh has announced a reward for the person who traces the lamp. One of the posters read, “The MP is so rigid that he does not answer phone calls of the people of his constituency, from where he has been elected twice to the Lok Sabha.” The JVP chief alleged that Chirag left the people of Jamui with them when they needed their support the most. Aren’t MPs irresponsible?

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What did the MP representative say about the lamp
However, there has been no response from Chirag Paswan regarding these posters yet. But his ‘representative’ in the constituency Prakash Bhagat told that the MP could not visit the constituency as he himself got infected with the corono virus. Still, Chirag Paswan tried his best to set up an oxygen plant in his parliamentary constituency, he said. Last year, when the virus wreaked havoc he not only visited various villages but also provided assistance to the affected people.

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What will the LJP president say on this issue?
MP representative Prakash Bhagat further said that the Nitish Kumar government of the state has restricted the movement of public representatives in view of the increasing cases of Kovid-19 infection in the state. This is also a big reason. At present, what will be the stand of Chirag Paswan himself regarding these posters, it will be known only in the coming time.


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