China is a growing challenge, there may be a crisis in the Indo-Pacific region: US Defense Secretary

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said, China’s aggressive behavior can create a crisis in the Indo-Pacific region. Austin said that at present, America’s relations with China are competitive. “They want to be the most influential country on the planet,” he said.

Washington. America Defense Minister Lloyd Austin China Describing China as a growing challenge, he said Beijing’s “aggressive behavior” in the Indo-Pacific could lead to a crisis. He said this in response to questions from members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during a congressional hearing on the Pentagon’s annual budget. “Given China’s aggressive behavior in the Indo-Pacific region, I suspect something could happen that could lead to a crisis there,” Austin said on Thursday. We want to have the ability to talk to our allies and partners and enemies or potential enemies. That’s why I think there should be a direct line of communication between the army and government officials as well.

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Austin said that America’s relationship with China is currently competitive. “They want to be the most influential country on the planet,” he said. That is their long-term goal. They want to compete with us in many activities including military. Everything we do, whether in the military or other areas of government, is so that we can remain financially competitive, produce the world’s best scientists, and conduct the most detailed research. It is a competition of wide-ranging activities.

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During the hearing, Senator Angus King said that the most serious threat facing the US today is an accidental conflict with China, which risks escalating tensions. He described China as a growing challenge for America and said, “It bothers me that we do not have an effective hotline with China. I understand that China is not ready for this, but I believe that it should be a national security priority. Whereas Russia is a major competitive force.

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