Center had to accept Congress’s suggestion of free vaccination to all: Pilot

Jaipur, Jun 7 (PTI) Former Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot on Monday said that the central government has had to heed the suggestion of the Congress and announce free vaccination for all. He said that the Central Government should increase the production of the vaccine and reach the vaccine at the earliest to every citizen.

Pilot tweeted, “The Congress party has always given priority to building a healthy and happy India. To combat the corona epidemic, the Congress had demanded to provide free vaccine to every citizen of the country. Finally today the central government has accepted this suggestion and announced free vaccination for all.

He said, “India is in the best vaccine manufacturer category in the world, yet it is unfortunate that there is a shortage of vaccines in the country. The central government should increase the production of the vaccine and reach every citizen at the earliest so that the third wave of infection can be stopped and the stalled economy can be revived.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Modi said on Monday that now the vaccine will be made available to the states free of cost for the vaccination of people in the age group of 18 to 44 years and the guidelines related to it will be decided in the next two weeks.


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