Buxar Bank Fraud: How the ‘reliever’ posted in the bank raised the curtain from the fraud of more than one crore, know the whole matter

Shocking revelations are coming to the fore regarding the fraud of about 1.09 crores in Dakshin Bihar Gramin Bank located in Buxar, Bihar. In this, Ravi Shankar Kumar, who was the branch manager of the bank, was arrested. During his tenure as the manager of Asha Padri branch, he is accused of forgery of crores. It is being told that the curtain was raised by Dharmendra Kumar, a former army personnel posted on the post of ‘reliever’ here for a few days.

Fraud exposed through bank passbook print
A police officer involved in the bank fraud investigation said that on May 31, a customer at the bank approached the employees to get the passbook printed. However, other bank personnel said that the printer does not work. Meanwhile, when this customer talked to Dharmendra in this regard, he went to check the printer. Dharmendra Kumar somehow got the passbook printed. Meanwhile, two more customers reached there to get their passbook updated.

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Investigating officer told- how Dharmendra posted as reliever got suspicious
The investigating officer said that when these people saw the passbook after print, they complained about money transactions from their accounts without any knowledge. After this, there was a ruckus in the whole matter. It was alleged that Ravi deliberately did not print the passbook to avoid the fraud being exposed. Meanwhile, the investigating officer said that Ravi Shankar immediately met Dharmendra and asked him not to print the passbook. He argued for this that in the midst of the Kovid epidemic, people would start coming to the branch.

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As soon as the matter was disclosed, the officials took these steps
Meanwhile, Dharmendra did not agree and informed the matter to the Vigilance Section of the bank in Patna over the phone, the police officer said. By then, about 100 villagers reached the branch for passbook printing. Dharmendra kept pacifying the customers by printing passbooks and assured them that the bank would return every penny. Vigilance officers immediately discovered the fraud and Ravi Shankar was suspended with instructions to close the branch, restricting his entry.

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The arrest of accused branch manager Ravi Shankar Kumar took place on June 6
A case of fraud has come to light with about 120 customers of South Bihar Gramin Bank located in Simri. The bank’s Bhabua-based regional manager Vikas Kumar Bhagat told TOI that the number could rise further as the bank’s internal probe is still on. Bhagat said that Dharmendra Kumar has now joined the bank as a Scale-I officer. Now he will be deputed in the branch till the end of the investigation. Vikas Bhagat said that in view of embezzlement of such a huge amount, investigation will be done in other branches as well. Especially in those places where accused manager Ravi Shankar Kumar was posted earlier. Ravi was arrested on June 6 from his flat at Himgiri Palace on Boring Canal Road in Patna.


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