Brain Syndrome: Amidst Kovid, the mysterious brain disease spreading rapidly in Canada, scientists are telling the side effect of the vaccine

In the midst of the corona epidemic, many other diseases have wreaked havoc. While the outbreak of black fungus has been increasing continuously in India apart from Kovid, on the other hand, in Canada, the mysterious brain disease has engulfed many people. Corona is being discussed all over the world these days, due to which people are not paying attention to other diseases. According to media reports, 48 ​​people from the same province in Canada who have been affected by Mysterious Brain Syndrome have been admitted to the hospital. This mysterious disease has added to the worry of people amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread panic in the country. Let us know the symptoms and causes of this disease.
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The people living in this place are people suffering from the syndrome

According to the New York Times report, all the people suffering from this mysterious disease are residents of New Brunswick province located on the Atlantic coast of Canada. Symptoms such as insomnia, limb dysfunction and confusion have been observed in people suffering from Mysterious Brain Syndrome. This type of brain syndrome was first observed in 2015. At that time Dr. Alier Marrero had noticed this disease in a patient who was suffering from confusion and muscle pain.

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6 people died due to the disease


According to the information, till 29 April 2021, out of 48 people who have been suffering from the mysterious disease, six have also died. However, research is still needed to know the cause of death of people suffering from the syndrome better. The news of this syndrome was revealed when the Chief Medical Officer of New Brunswick held a press conference about it in March.

How is Mysterious Brain Syndrome spreading?

Mysterious brain syndrome has taken Canadian health agencies by surprise and attracted the attention of many of the world’s top neurologists. The disease has caused a panic among New Brunswick residents of Canada. Regarding the disease, scientists have claimed that this disease is spreading through the radiation of mobile phone towers. Some experts say that the symptoms are a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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disease caused by prion disease


The syndrome is reported to be similar to prion diseases, a group of neurodegenerative diseases caused by proteinaceous infectious particles. If we look at the preliminary data, it is not a genetic disease nor does it have any link with air, water and food.

Symptoms of brain syndrome

Health experts say that both men and women can be equally vulnerable to this disease.

  • Confusion
  • difficulty walking
  • muscle stiffness
  • fatigue
  • difficulty speaking
  • behavior modification
  • insomnia
  • Headache

The reason being told for the hunting of dogs

The disease is being investigated by Moncton neurologists Dr. Elier Marrero and Michael Call Hart of the Dr. Georges-El-Dumont University Hospital Center in New Brunswick. One of the reasons for this disease has been reported for the past several years to kill dogs, through which bacteria like Cyanobacteria are produced and due to this, neurological brain syndrome is being caused. These bacteria are also known as blue-green algae. At present, many neurologists in Canada are trying to find out the causes of this disease.


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