Both the daughters also died in the process of saving the mother, three lives were hit by the Saptkranti Express in Bettiah


  • Mother and two daughters died after being cut off by a train in Bettiah
  • Tragic accident happened near Mahana Railway Dhala
  • Accident with Down Saptkranti Superfast Express

A painful accident took place near Mahana Railway Dhala of Chanpatia-Bettiah railway section. Mother and two daughters died after being cut off from Down Saptkranti train Anand Vihar (Delhi). Saptakranti Express was going towards Bettiah. That’s when this accident happened.

The three mother and daughter were residents of Patkhauli
Mother Girija Devi and two daughters Veena Kumari and Roopa Kumari died after being hit by Down Saptakranti Superfast Express train going from Anand Vihar to Muzaffarpur. The incident took place near Mahna Railway Dhala between Kumarbagh and Chanpatia stations of Narkatiaganj-Muzaffarpur railway section. The trio were identified as wife and daughters of Bali Mahto of Patkhauli, Sirisia OP.

Daughters went to remove mother from railway track
According to the gateman, he got information that Saptkranti Express is coming. They took the green flag off the mold and went out to show it to the driver of the train. As soon as the Saptakranti came, a woman came on the railway track. Both the girls started trying to get him off the track. During this, some passers-by passing by also raised an alarm to move away from the track. Both the girls together were not able to remove the woman. Then the woman was cut off from the fast speeding Saptkranti train. Both the girls collided with the train and fell away. All three died on the spot.

Woman suspected of committing suicide
The people present there believe that the woman had reached the railway line with the aim of committing suicide due to domestic dispute or debt. Both the girls were trying to save him. Both the daughters were trying to take him back. But the mother was not ready to accept it. During this, all three died in the Saptakranti Express.


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