BMC did not use 47% of the budget

Mumbai’s large population is struggling with lack of infrastructure, but the country’s richest municipal corporation has budgeted for development. Unable to spend even the allotted amount is. Citizens have to bear the brunt of this. This disclosure has been made in the report of Praja Foundation. According to the report, BMC could not spend 47 percent of the allocated amount in the budget of 2020-21. Capital expenditure for development works in the budget 14,637.76 crore, which was revised to 10,903.38 crore. That is, it was cut by 26 percent. But in this financial year, BMC was able to spend only Rs 5,744.70 crore (47 per cent) of this on schemes. In the year 2019-20, BMC could not spend 30 percent of the amount.

‘This has been happening for many years’
However, Praja has clarified that the actual expenditure account of the budget is only till December 2020. According to the report of the people, not using the budget Became in the habit of BMC It has been done, because this trend has been going on continuously since 2017-18. According to the report, the budget estimate for 2017-18 was Rs 8,127.08 crore, which was revised to Rs 6,111.07 crore. Out of this, only Rs 4,978.48 crore was spent on development works. Even in the year 2018-19, BMC could not spend 30 percent of the amount allocated in the budget.

better water supply

– Mumbai has a total water supply of 188 liters per person per day (LPCD)

– It is more than 135 lpcd of BIS

In this, 150 lpcd is received in residential areas (buildings) of Mumbai by meter connection

Only 45 lpcd of water is received in slums


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