Black fungus becoming uncontrollable in the country, death rate of 46% during three months


  • Survey conducted on 287 mucormycosis patients from 16 centers of the country
  • Corona-associated mucormycosis cases in 65 percent of these patients
  • 46% mortality in mucormycosis patients after three months of treatment
  • Males constitute 75% of the total black fungus patients, the average age is 53 years.

Cases of black fungus are proving to be more deadly and dangerous in the country. After the second wave of corona, there has been a rapid increase in the cases of Blag fungus or Mucormycosis. A study was conducted on black fungus patients at 16 centers across the country between September and December last year. It has been revealed in the study that the death rate of corona patients has increased to 46% during three months of treatment. Four centers in Gujarat are also included in this study.

Private hospitals in Delhi and Gurgaon also included
Titled ‘Multicenter Epidemiological Study of Coronavirus Disease-Associated Mucormycosis, India’, the study was recently published in the prestigious Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) journal. The study included 287 patients with mucormycosis from 16 centers across the country. In addition to one hospital each from Ahmedabad and Surat. Delhi and Bhopal AIIMS were also involved. The study private hospitals also included Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon and KDAH’s center in Mumbai.

33% of patients had diabetes
Of the 287 patients in the study, 187 (65%) were identified as COVID-associated mucormycosis cases. The study found a two-fold increase in black fungus cases in 2019 compared to the same period in the total COVID-19 patients at these centres. Their number increased from 112 to 231. The average age of patients suffering from black fungus was found to be 53 years. 75% of these patients were male. Of the total patients, 33% or one-third of the patients had diabetes. Apart from this, there were 21% patients in whom symptoms of diabetes were reported after corona infection.

Reasons to stay in ICU for a long time
Infectious disease specialist and study co-author Dr. Atul Patel said that the mortality rate in black fungus patients in the study was found to be 38% at six weeks, which increased to 46% after 12 weeks or three months of treatment. It was similar in patients without black fungus and in patients with black fungus. Age, rhino-orbital cerebral involvement and longer ICU stay were found to be major factors in mortality.


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