Bihar Politics: Tunna Pandey, Maheshwar Yadav, Gyanu… What is going on in JDU-BJP?


  • Former MLA and JDU leader Maheshwar Yadav wants to make Nitish Kumar the Prime Minister
  • There is an atmosphere of anarchy in the country, Prime Minister Modi is not taking care of the country- Maheshwar Yadav
  • Before the suspension, BJP MLC Tunna Pandey has told Nitish the CM of the circumstances.
  • BJP MLA Gyanendra Singh Gyanu has questioned the report of NITI Aayog.

In Bihar, the speed of corona decreased but political agitation increased. The atmosphere is getting rough. The rhetoric is getting more intense. Not only the party and the opposition, the parties of the ruling party are getting into a tussle. The word hoarding, which started with Tunna Pandey and Nitish Kumar, reached Maheshwar Yadav and Narendra Modi. In between, BJP MLA Gyanendra Singh Gyanu raised questions on the report of the NITI Aayog.

Political whirlwind started with Tunna Pandey’s statement
First of all, BJP MLC Tunna Pandey created a whirlwind by calling Nitish Kumar the Chief Minister of the circumstances. On his statement, Upendra Kushwaha of JDU targeted Bihar BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal. The matter had reached till the finger was cut. Eventually Tunna Pandey was chased away by BJP and suspended from his party.
Upendra Kushwaha furious at BJP MLC, Sanjay Jaiswal on target, what did Tunna ji Pandey say about Nitish?
Maheshwar Yadav raised the question on PM Modi itself
The matter was not fully settled yet that Muzaffarpur’s JDU leader and former MLA Maheshwar Yadav questioned the working style of the Modi government at the Centre. He said that today there is an atmosphere of anarchy in the country, the situation is that the country is not taking care of Prime Minister Modi. In such a situation, JDU should contest the elections alone. People want to see Nitish Kumar as the Prime Minister of the country in the coming times. Regarding this, he has written a letter to Nitish Kumar and requested him.

Former JDU MLA opened front, said – because of Modi, there is an atmosphere of anarchy in the country, now people want to see Nitish as PM

Regarding the alliance between JDU-BJP, the former MLA said that this alliance is only in Bihar, not in the country. We do not agree 100% with the policies of BJP. The people of the country are upset due to the increase in the prices of essential commodities and are very angry with the BJP government at the Center. During the Corona crisis, the central government could not do a good job, so the country wants to see Nitish Kumar as the Prime Minister.

Gyanendra Singh Gyanu does not trust the report of NITI Aayog
Earlier, BJP MLA Gyanendra Singh Gyanoo raised questions on NITI Aayog’s Sustainable Development Goals Index 2020-21. Gyanu said that why the development of Bihar is not visible to the NITI Aayog, which has prepared the report of Bihar, it has made a big mistake. I question the NITI Aayog report. He said that in what spirit the report of development of Bihar has been released, it is a matter of investigation. The development of Bihar is shown below even from the naxal affected states including the state of Jharkhand, North East, it is ridiculous.

Bihar Politics: BJP MLA raised questions on NITI Aayog’s SDG report, said- Bihar’s development was not shown, it is ridiculous

How will the party deal with the new narrators of Bihar NDA?
The rhetoric of political leaders has once again brought heat in the heat of Bihar. Tejashwi Yadav has been continuously accusing CM Nitish Kumar and PM Modi of being incompetent. We leader and former Chief Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi and VIP leader Mukesh Sahni have also been making their NDA government uncomfortable with their statements. BJP has overcome Tunna Pandey but how can Nitish Kumar overcome Maheshwar Hazari and Sanjay Jaiswal from Gyanendra Singh Gyanu? Will have to wait a bit.
Sushil Modi targets Lalu by calling Rabri a domestic woman, RJD asked – who had stopped PhD holder from becoming CM for 50 years?
Know the political profile of Gyanu and Maheshwar Yadav
Maheshwar Yadav was in RJD before joining JDU. In the 2015 assembly elections, he became the MLA of RJD from Gaighat of Muzaffarpur. It is said that Nitish Kumar had given ticket to Maheshwar Prasad Yadav by telling Lalu Yadav. Maheshwar Yadav started making statements against the Lalu family as soon as Nitish Kumar broke away from the Grand Alliance. Joined JDU just before the election and Nitish Kumar also gave ticket from Gaighat in the 2020 assembly elections, but he failed to win the election. He was defeated by Niranjan Rai of RJD. At the same time, Gyanendra Singh Gyanu is a BJP MLA from Barh, but is an old friend of Nitish Kumar. Have been companions of the days of struggle. He had directly questioned the leadership when he was not made a minister from the BJP quota. Then this matter was in the headlines a lot.


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