Bihar News: Unique initiative of Sheohar DM – ‘Get corona vaccine, get reward’, Bhola Prasad got 1 gram gold in lucky draw

DM has taken a unique initiative to promote vaccination in Sheohar district of Bihar. In which many social organizations and many sponsors have come forward. Various types of gifts have been given through six sponsors to 6 beneficiaries who have taken the vaccine to people above 45 years of age. Which is being discussed all around.

Bhola Prasad got one gram of gold
Such an initiative regarding Kovid vaccine has been taken for the first time in Bihar. One gram of gold was given to Bhola Prasad through the President of the Chamber of Commerce. On the other hand, Jitu Majhi was given gas connection with complete kit through Gaurav Sagar Bharat Gas Agency. Sumaria Devi was given gas connection chulha cylinder kit through Prince Grameen distributor Basahiya Sheikh. The morning volunteer organization gave a table suitcase to Kiran Devi. The water filter was given to Jayalisia Devi through Water for People. At the same time, Najma Khatoon was given a stand fan through the drug sellers’ association Sheohar.

Gift will be given on Saturday through lottery system: DM
District Magistrate Sajjan Raj Shekhar has told that its purpose is to promote vaccination to people above 45 years of age in Sheohar district. It will run every Saturday for the next 8 weeks. From today to Friday, people above 45 years of age who will take the vaccine, on the basis of the database, the selected persons will be given a gift again on the next Saturday by drawing a lottery.

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DM appeals to people above 45 to get vaccinated
The DM has told that from March till now, all the 45-year-olds who were beneficiaries of the vaccine, were selected at the block level on the basis of their database. He has been honored by giving gifts through various sponsors. DM has urged the people of the district to take the vaccine if they are above 45 years of age, you too can be selected through lottery and you can also be given a gift.

Bihar News: Unique initiative of Sheohar DM – ‘Get corona vaccine, get reward’, Bhola Prasad got 1 gram gold in lucky draw


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