Bihar News: Panchayati work will be handled by the advisory committee, the possibility of elections in September-October

Due to the second wave of corona in Bihar, the panchayat elections to be held on time have been postponed. The work of the Panchayat will be handled by the Consultative Committee till the elections are held. Meanwhile, preparations for the elections have also been started. The possibility is being expressed that elections may be held in September or October. After the postponement of the panchayat elections, the government clearly said that in the event of no election being held, the government would constitute a consultative committee in the panchayat, village court, panchayat samiti, zilla parishad.

After June 15, the consultative committee will handle the work
In the absence of Panchayat elections, the three-tier Panchayati Raj Institutions and Gram Kacharias in the state will be dissolved after June 15 and the Consultative Committee will start work. Department sources say that preparations have been completed for the formation of Panchayati Raj Department Consultative Committee. Sources claim that only ex-representatives of Panchayat and Gram Katchahry will work, but they will be the chairman and members of the advisory committee.

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Preparations intensified for Panchayat elections
An official of the Panchayati Raj Department says that this system will continue till the elections are not held. The tenure of the Gram Panchayat institutions and Gram Kacharis is ending on June 15. In such a situation, many parties had demanded an extension of the tenure of these representatives, but the government did not extend the tenure and took the decision of the Consultative Committee. Due to which the development work of Panchayats is not affected.

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Preparation for election through EVM
Sources say that the Mukhiya will be the Chairman of the Gram Panchayat Consultative Committee, while the Block Pramukh, Zilla Parishad President and Sarpanch can also be the President of their respective Consultative Committee. For this a proposal has been prepared by the department. Here, the State Election Commission has started preparing to conduct Panchayat elections in the next two to three months. This time the department is busy preparing to conduct elections through EVMs.

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Panchayat elections postponed due to Corona crisis
It is believed that the State Election Commission can conduct Panchayat elections in September. For Panchayat elections, the commission requires more number of EVMs for six posts. There is a need for separate EVM ballot unit and control unit for Mukhiya, Ward member, Sarpanch, Panch, Panchayat Samiti member and Zila Parishad member. Before the second wave of Corona, the State Election Department was busy preparing for the election, but after the increase in the number of patients, it was decided to postpone the election.


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