Bihar News : P. In Champaran, the poachers of innocents were caught by the police, the innocent deer had been killed by shooting 4 bullets.


  • p. Police caught innocent poachers in Champaran
  • The innocent deer was put to death by shooting 4 bullets
  • UP hunter caught with 3 companions slicing deer
  • A deer was also hunted on 23 May

Nagendra Narayan, Bagaha:
In Valmikinagar, the forest guards (Bihar Forest Rangers in Action) caught four deer hunters. All of them had killed a deer by four bullets in the reserve and were trying to sell its meat.

innocent killers arrested
In the room number M-22 of Valmiki Tiger Reserve, poachers carried out a major incident. But during the patrol, this act of his got exposed. Mahesh Prasad, Forest Officer of Forest Division-2 in Valmikinagar Tiger Reserve, said that some poachers were caught during patrolling in the M-22 area of ​​Valmiki Tiger Reserve, adjacent to Uttar Pradesh. deer hunting Arrested red handed.

came from UP and hunted
One of the arrested criminals is Ramesh Singh, a resident of Maharajganj, Barwa Dwarka Siswa Bazar police station in Uttar Pradesh. Along with him, Anil Kumar Singh, Rajan Kumar and Pradeep Kumar of Rahua Tola resident of Valmikinagar police station were also arrested. According to sources, on Thursday, forest personnel caught the poachers during a patrol in Sirla forest, about 3 km from SSB Jhandu Tola in M-22 area of ​​Valmiki Tiger Reserve.
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At the time of capture, the hunters were cutting the deer into pieces after hunting it. It is being told that these poachers shot 4 bullets at the deer and it died on the spot.
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Since Sirla forest is adjacent to the Gandak river and the border of Uttar Pradesh, hunters always keep an eye on the wild animals of Valmiki Tiger Reserve. These hunters hunt forest birds including deer, wild boar, tiger and other wild animals as soon as they get a chance. Hunters hunt them for meat and leather. According to experts, their meat and leather are sold at very expensive prices in the international market.

A deer was also hunted on 23 May
On 23 May also, a sensational case of hunting of a deer came to light in Ramnagar of West Champaran. At the same time in the morning the forest department team reached the spot and recovered the deer’s carcass. According to the villagers, there was a wound in the body of the deer, on the basis of which it was feared to be shot. It is said that the deer had strayed from the forest of Valmiki Tiger Reserve and reached the residential area where it was hunted.

West Champaran News: In West Champaran, the deer had strayed into the residential area.

People saved a deer in Patna
In Rampur village of Naubatpur, adjacent to Patna, on May 31, the villagers who went out for a walk on the fields in the early morning were happy when they saw the deer hitting the fields. But then this deer was attacked by a herd of dogs. But in the meantime, the villagers chased the herd of dogs with sticks and rescued the deer and brought them to the village. Meanwhile, someone informed the Naubatpur police station about the presence of a deer in Badhar of the village.

In this village of Patna, people were happy to see the deer being killed, then a herd of dogs attacked, then…

The police got the forest department officials informed. By then the police had also reached Badhar. After a while, the people of the forest department also arrived. After completing the necessary action, the police handed over the deer to the forest department officials. Meanwhile, the forest department officials thanked the residents of the city of Rampur for saving the deer.


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