Bihar News: First Purnia, then Kishanganj and now Banka, what is the truth of the madrasa blast?


  • Police reached the spot after the explosion was told that the cylinder blast
  • FSL team arrived to investigate said fragments of explosives have been found
  • Madrasa’s Imam Abdul Sattar Mobin died: Sources
  • First Purnia then Kishanganj and now Banka

Date 8 June, Tuesday at 8 o’clock in the morning, a madrasa located in the state of Bihar, district Banka, where not only the surrounding area was shaken after a strong explosion, but the entire madrasa was destroyed. It is said that several people present in the madrassa were injured in this incident, who were removed before the police arrived. Now the question is also standing in the minds of the people that if it is an accident then why the injured were made to disappear.

FSL team arrived to investigate said evidence of explosives has been found
According to the official of the Forensic Science Laboratory, who arrived to investigate the blast in the madrassa in Banka on Tuesday, evidence of the use of explosive material has been found in the course of the investigation. However, only after investigation will it be known what kind of explosives have been used. The discovery of explosive material in the madrasa either made it clear what kind of education would be being given in the madrasa. It will be known only after investigation whether the explosive was RDX or ammonium nitrate or any other type of gunpowder.

Police reached the spot after the explosion was told that the cylinder blast
Another shocking thing in the Banka madrassa blast case is that the residents of the area had earlier said that the madrassa would collapse due to the blast of the gas cylinder. The local men who had given this statement on Monday left the area overnight. During interrogation of local women, the police got many important information. But by Tuesday morning, the women of that area were also removed from there. Such disappearance of the people of the area after the incident indicates a bigger conspiracy. Sources say that a large trunk inside the madrasa was stuffed with explosive material. Something was being prepared from the explosive material since late Monday night, during which the explosion took place and the whole matter came to the fore.

Madrasa’s Imam Abdul Sattar Mobin died: Sources
According to the information received, many people were injured after the blast, including the Imam of the madrasa, Abdul Sattar Mobin. But due to his death, unknown people left his body there and took the rest of the injured with them. Late on Tuesday evening, the police found the body of the Imam of the madrasa. Police have sent Imam’s body to the hospital for post-mortem. Police sources say that the imam who died was a resident of Deoghar in Jharkhand.


BJP and RJD demand high level inquiry in madrassa blast case
BJP MLA and former minister Ramnarayan Mandal has said that the government should investigate the matter seriously in the blast case in Banka district madrassa on Tuesday. Another BJP MLA said that the Bihar government should get all madrasas and mosques investigated. So that it can be found out in how many madrasas and mosques of Bihar such explosives are being prepared. The BJP MLA says that if the government does not rein in it now, then the situation may get worse in the coming days. BJP MLA Ramnarayan Mandal also said that which mentality is working in this whole matter and who are the people involved. The government should also investigate this. At the same time, former MLA of Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Rashtriya Janata Dal and party spokesperson Vijay Prakash has also demanded from the government to get the entire matter investigated at the earliest.

First Purnia then Kishanganj and now Banka
About 20 days ago, in Bayasi of Purnia district of Bihar, between 200 and 250 Muslims attacked the Dalit settlement and set fire to the Dalit settlement, but also misbehaved with the women. One person was killed in this incident and dozens of Dalit houses were torched. The case of Purnia’s bias had not even cooled down, that the next day a Dalit was killed in Kishanganj in a Muslim-dominated area. And now the latest case is related to Banka district where due to the blast in the madrasa, the terrorist connections have started connecting once again in Bihar.


Are terrorist organizations quietly hatching a conspiracy to cut the chicken neck?
The exodus of Hindus living in Muslim-majority areas has started since the formation of Mamata Banerjee’s government for the third time in West Bengal. Meanwhile, suspicious activities are also being seen continuously in the Muslim-majority area bordering Bangladesh. It is worth noting that since the last 7 years i.e. ever since Narendra Modi’s government was formed at the center, terrorist organizations could not succeed in carrying out any incident in any part of the country. So, instead of attacking the terrorist organizations openly, have started building a big conspiracy behind the scenes. Are terrorist organizations trying to fulfill the chicken neck that Sharjeel Imam, a student of JNU at Aligarh Muslim University, had said?

Even after many hours of the incident, the hands of the police are empty.
IG, DIG level officers themselves have reached there to investigate the Banka Madrasa blast. FSL team is also investigating. But the surprising thing is that even 30 hours after the incident, the police are yet to ascertain what was going on inside the madrasa. The shocking thing is that people living around the madrassa have also left the area. Police sources say that they have got some clues but the officials do not want to say anything in this matter yet.


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