Bihar Crime News: Sex racket busted in Araria, five men arrested along with six women

Rahul Kumar Thakur, Araria
Contrary to the instructions of the state government and district administration in lockdown Araria Immoral sex trade runs in the residential hotel of K. Which was disclosed by the police by raiding on Monday. In police raids, six women were caught in compromising condition along with five men in different rooms. In the course of the raid, the police have recovered a huge quantity of objectionable items from the hotel rooms. This is the second raid by the police in the matter of prostitution in the hotel during the lockdown.

Police acted on secret information
SP Hridaykant got secret information that business of prostitution is going on in Shivlok residential hotel near bus stand of city police station area and many women are in hotel with men. After which SDPO Pushkar Kumar along with City Police Station President Sunil Kumar, Mahila Police Station Officer Rita Kumari and a large number of police forces raided the Shivlok Hotel located at the bus stand, while six women and five persons were caught in a compromising position in different rooms. During the search, a huge quantity of sex-enhancing drugs, condom packets and other objectionable items were recovered from the hotel by the police.

The police took everyone into custody and brought them to the police station, where the police informed about the five persons being sent to jail. While talking about the women caught being adults, the police called the parents of all and told them to hand them over. However, during the raid, the police could not get success in apprehending the hotel operator and the employees.

Caught young men and women revealed many secrets
All the youths and girls caught in Shivlok Hotel are from Araria city. Many shocking facts have been revealed in the interrogation of the detained youths and women by the police. In which the police was informed that in most of the hotels in the city such business is carried out with the connivance of the hotel operators. The hotel room is taken for a few hours, in exchange for which thousands of rupees are given to the operator of the hotel. The watch is kept and the women in custody told to vacate the room immediately if there is any sound and hide in the crowd. In the disclosures made before the police, the women are brought on time only after arranging the customers.

Information was leaked in the raid of a month ago
SDO Shaileshchandra Diwakar and SDPO Pushkar Kumar raided the Paradise Hotel near the bus stand of the city police station area. But before the police arrived, the young men and women had fled through the back door. The entire movement of the youth and the girls absconding was captured in the CCTV camera installed in the adjoining house. The local people informed the police administration about the entry of young men and women into the closed hotel during the lockdown and making a video. When the police action was taken, the perpetrators of the racket had already fled. After which questions started arising about the leak of information.

Arrest challenge of sex racket operator in the city
The way cases related to prostitution are coming to the fore in Araria district headquarters, it is a big challenge for the police to arrest the operators of the racket. In Shivlok Hotel too, only the customers have been caught with the girls. No operator involved in prostitution was caught, nor was any hotel employee or owner.

Police engaged in scouting the network
After the revelations, the Araria Police has started in search of the network of those involved in the racketeering. SDPO Pushkar Kumar said that there are many important clues on the basis of which the police have started preparations to ensure the arrest of the members involved in the racket network and claimed that soon the members of the network would be in jail.


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