Bihar BJP President’s direct allegation, Minorities are persecuting Dalits in Nitish Raj, RJD said – Will you cut your hands now?


  • Bihar BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal put the Nitish government in the dock
  • Minorities are inflicting atrocities on weak and dalits- Sanjay Jaiswal
  • Police is sending innocent people to jail in minority and Dalit dispute- Jaiswal
  • RJD’s state spokesperson Mrityunjay Tiwari has asked JDU whether they will cut their hands now?

There has been an increase in the cases of oppression of minorities on the Dalits of Bihar. State BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal has said these things. He has expressed concern about such incidents. Jaiswal said that whatever is being done on behalf of minorities against Dalits, it is very worrying.

Controversy over the path between Dalits and minorities in Dhangarhwa
In fact, in Dhangarhwa village of Ramgarhwa, the path of the people of the Dalit community was blocked by some people of the minority community. Expressing concern over this matter, Bihar BJP President and MP from West Champaran, Sanjay Jaiswal has said these things. He said that ‘In Dhangarhwa village of Ramgarhwa, information was received that the path of the people of the Dalit community has been blocked by the people of some minority community by making a brick wall. I spoke to Palanwa police station in-charge and with him the Circle Officer himself went to the place and diagnosed the problem.

‘Minority’s atrocities on Dalits increased in the last few days’
According to Sanjay Jaiswal, ‘In the last few days such incidents have increased a lot. It started with Dhaka where Sahni then Nonia and then Paswan community’s procession were not only beaten up on their way out, but when they went to seek help of poor police, under the principle of time of riot, people of both the societies were prosecuted and arrested. The police fulfilled their responsibility. More than six such incidents have been seen in Dhaka and every time both the societies were sent to jail instead of guilty. The administration in Ramgarhwa resolved this issue very patiently, so thank them.
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Bihar Police accused of unilateral action
The Bihar BJP President further says that ‘these incidents have suddenly increased in Kishanganj and Purnia district also. The government also took cognizance of the atrocities on the Dalits in YC and brought justice to the Dalits there. The administration needs vigil everywhere. If such incidents are taken care of by the public representatives immediately, then the situation does not get out of hand in future. But when the district administration stands aside and starts punishing the innocent, a very wrong message is sent to the society.
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In the case of atrocities on Dalits reminded of Pakistan
Referring to the atrocities of minorities on Dalits, Sanjay Jaiswal said that ‘the way Dalits have been oppressed in West Bengal after the elections, only after 1947, at the behest of the then Dalit Law Minister of Pakistan, Yogendra Nath Mandal, the Dalits who are in today’s Bangladesh. I was left to see only on them.’

sanjay jaiswal facebook post

Chief Minister on the target of Sanjay Jaiswal Nitish Kumar?
Sanjay Jaiswal is directly questioning the district administration or rather showing the mirror to his own coalition government. From the words of Sanjay Jaiswal, it seems that in the case of minorities and Dalits, the police act unilaterally. Because of which wrong message is being sent to the Dalit society. In such a situation, Sanjay Jaiswal has raised a big question on Nitish Kumar’s policy of good governance. Whereas BJP has the biggest stake in Nitish government.
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‘Will this time cut off the hands of those who raise questions?’- RJD
After this Facebook post of Sanjay Jaiswal, RJD has opened its front. RJD’s state spokesperson Mrityunjay Tiwari said in a conversation with the media that ‘Will you cut your hands now? This time it is your ally BJP’s state president who is raising questions on Nitish Kumar and the government of Bihar. This time Sanjay Jaiswal has directly questioned the Bihar Police which is directly under the control of the Chief Minister. At the same time, it has also been said that atrocities are being perpetrated on Dalits and weaker sections. In such a situation, JDU should answer what will the party do now? When a BJP MLC raised questions on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, JDU leaders used to say that those who raise fingers will be cut off. This time the state president has raised questions, so will he cut off the hands of those raising questions this time?


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